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Pastelería Obradoiro

Without tradition, there is not future.

Few things linked to a land with its past, that its cousin transmitted from generation to generation.

...and for us is our main line of business: Keeping the tradition with a craft making, and premium quality natural ingredients in all our draperies.

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Bakery in Ribadeo (Lugo).

On Clemente García Pasarón street, Ribadeo(Lugo). Open from 09:30 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 20:00 (Mondays closed for rest of our staff).

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, orders are picked and served from 9:00 to 14:00.

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Obradoiro pastelería en San Pedro de Benquerencia

Bakery workshop in San Pedro de Benquerencia (Lugo)

Located in Barrio de Pedregás 68 street, Barreiros(Lugo). Contact us thru info @ pasteleríaobradoiro.com, using our  contact form, or telephone number 982 106 303.

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Tarta de Santiago in scallop shell

Tarta de Santiago en concha de vieira

Eat authentic "Tarta de Santiago" on natural scallop shell.

Weighing approximately 150 grams each, and made only with flour, eggs, almonds, sugar and lemon, in our workshop in Barreiros (Lugo).
The packaging includes a reminder of the Camiño de Santiago: CUNCHA dos ANDARES, and the serigraphy of the Cruz de Santiago.
Try the most international Galician desserts.

O Carolón

Carolón Pastelería Obradoiro

Artisanal Galician Cake, craft of the region of the Mariña Lucense Oriental.

Soft, buttery and a hint of anise, is presented as a desktop similar in shape to the classic French brioche.

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Terrace and cake tasting bar

Pasteleria artesana Obradoiro Ribadeo Benquerencia Foz Barreiros

Enjoy the best cakes, best atmosphere!

From now on, in our office Ribadeo, refurbished the space for you to enjoy the best cakes artisans, accompanied by your favorite drink: Coffee, chocolate, soft drinks, ...

Choose between interior space and terrace or enjoy a friendly and family while enjoying our products.

Cuncha dos Andares

SantiagO cake, with a souvenir of the "Camino": A natural scallop shell, serigrafied with the Cross of Santiago

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Pastelería obradoiro

Tfn.Bakery: 982 106 348 Tfn.Workshop: 982 106 303 mail: info @ pasteleriaobradoiro.com

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Ribadeo: Clemente Martínez Pasarón Street

Barreiros (San Pedro de Benquerencia): Barrio de Pedregás 68 Road


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